Momentum of change is with women



My name is Dr Mahrukh Khwaja and I’m a general dentist, currently working in busy NHS practices in Kent. Over the last couple of years I have really looked to upskilling and enhancing my dentistry, through attending various courses led by amazing teachers. Despite a large proportion of women graduating from dental school, I am disappointed to see the lack of female dentists teaching at these courses.

It got me thinking about role models and their significance. We all need people to inspire, motivate and encourage us to be the best version of ourselves.  Important life lessons can be gleaned from our role models. When I stop to think who influences me in dentistry, I can’t think of a single women. Why is there such an inequality in dentistry currently? This led me to think more about empowering women in dentistry. I would love to connect and share experiences with other female dentists. I would love to see women leading and showcasing their dental expertise. The best way to create a momentum of change for women in dentistry is to actively challenge inequality and have some difficult conversations.

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