Empowerment & failure

For those who haven’t the pleasure to be introduced to Brene Brown’s work, she is an American researcher. Her work on shame and vulnerability rocked the globe and managed viral status after her first Ted talk. Brene champions the concept of showing our vulnerabilities in order to fully connect and live our true selves.

We live in a society full of egos. Dentistry is no exception. A need to convey perfectionism or criticise only propels a negative rhetoric. I am surpirised to be witness to online trolling amongst professional dental groups. Sometimes the comment is small and other times more obvious. However it’s presented, bullying often is a disguise for insecurity and jealousy. We need to call out our bullies and allow for freedom to share openly, including our failures. The beauty on these failures of course are the learning points we glean. And through the setbacks, a renewal of motivation and sense of empowerment.

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