Fear is so often one of the biggest barriers women in life and business face. From the fear of taking the risk of the better albeit demanding job, to the fear of standing out or being heard. The fear of feeling vulnerable. Fear of being successful. Fear of not being good enough.

What seems to super charge empowered women however, is the transfer of fear to the beauty of hope, courage and faith. It’s the stepping into fearlessness that brings about positive steps forward. With taking risks, women can begin to conquer new territories and lead.

We could learn to reframe this fear. Instead of remaining hostage to it, we may say to ourselves, wonderful things are going to happen to me. It’s a bold affirmation. It’s also our vision for an empowered, liberated future.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? What would your life look like? Which dreams would have come into fruition?

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