Recommended courses in cosmetic dentistry

Furthering our skills through relevant CPD is a great way of increasing our passion for our career and move towards practising the type of dentistry we want to provide for our patients. Its also a great way of meeting like minded, driven dentists who can support and inspire us.

It can be a minefield, searching for the right course for you. And with the expense, its understandable why sometimes its an area we procrastinate on.

Since moving back to London, I’ve been on a multitude of various courses with the goal to up my skills in cosmetic dentistry. I’ve compiled my top cosmetic dentistry courses I’d recommend. I’m not affliated with any of them, but found them personally most engaging and relevant to the dentistry I want to practise.


1. Tipton training- Aesthetic Dentistry certificate by Paul Tipton

I really love this course. It covers all the essentials and more re principles of smile design, simple orthodontics, minimum preparation veneers and basics of occlusion.

There is a quite hefty amount of coursework and a mcq examination at the end, but its nice to get a qualification from your CPD.

And if you enjoy your year, you can always take it further to a diploma or masters.

Tipton have a number of different courses. The Restorative Dentistry certificate is also considered a comprehensive course that really hones into occlusion. The Phantom Head course is a good one for more guidance on restorative preparations.


2. 6 months smiles – short term orthodontics

Correcting an anterior crossbite and deepbite respectively with 6MS

I decided to delve into orthodontics after feeling really bored of general dentistry and noticing the number of patients I couldn’t help.

I chose 6 months over other courses because I wanted to do more hands on ortho and 6MS are the most recognised well established bracked bases brand out there. The supoort on the forum is also great. Treatments can be planned by the orthodontist and you’ll get a tailored detailed plan for every case with Confidex.

The course teaches you the basics of orthodontic planning and how to use your new kit. You go over cases together and practise placing doughnuts over brackets, powerchain, elastic thread and quick ties. I like how you can do most things with this system as long as you’re correcting anterior misalignment- rotations, crowding, spacing, diastema to a certain degree, anterior crossbites and deep bites.

The good thing is you can also reattend to refresh knowledge or to discuss cases in person. Thats something I’ve done also and found it really beneficial.


3. Orthodontic CQC course by Jas Gill and Jan Einfeldt

This is great whether you carry out 6MS or invaslign etc. All short term orthodontics are covered.

This course focuses on creating excellent notes. Jas has custom made templates that are really detailed. Informed consent is covered. How to increase the number of orthodontic cases through effective commumication is discussed. The use of social media, websites, branding and testimonials are also explored aswell as photography. Its a really practical and beneficial addition to your orthodontics journey.


4. 2 day mini smile makeover with Dipesh Parmar and Enlighten

Peg shaped lateral using Renamel composite to make beautiful amd predictable restorations.

Dipesh presents his cases and explains in detail his approach. You’ll get the chance to practise peg shaped laterals and composite veneers also.

The course showcases a specific composite brand by Cosmedent called Renamel. The beauty of this composite is that it polishes just like a veneer! You’ll get the opportunity to use the polishing discs and Renamelize paste that gives a beautiful sheen to your work.

Practising using Renamel composite during the course

I bought the kit from this course and I’ve used it on all my big cosmetic cases. So far, I’ve completed a peg shaped lateral case, closed diastemas, replaced discoloured composites, repaired fractured porcelain bridges and a big toothwear case.

If you post your work on instagram, Cosmedent and Enlightensmiles also comment and even repost your work, which is always nice!

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