Our first workshop

I’m really looking forward to meeting you at our first workshop this Friday 27th July, led by painter, actress and business and life coach Mel Larsen.

Mel will share her story from being a depressed check-out girl at Sainsburys with zero confidence to living her best life as an international consultant and coach.

Mel has led workshops across Russia, Australia, the Caribbean and Europe. She has founded 3 festivals in her spare time and yet still finds time to enjoy painting and relaxing.

Her first step was to have a BIG vision. If you have dreams you are not taking action on or you feel your actions are not working, it’s time to re-wind and start from the heart.

This creative and fun session with Mel Larsen, The Dream Project Coach will give you the time, space and support to powerfully envision your future, helping you to create exciting business/life goals that truly inspire you.

To read more about Mel, have a look at my interview with her.

They’ll be drinks reception from 7pm, with the workshop starting around 730pm at Dean Rees House, Charterhouse Square. The nearest underground is Barbican.

You can purchase tickets for Friday via the link;


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