I’ve been thinking a lot about balance lately. And what it means to myself and others.

Millennials are increasingly rejecting working the traditional 5 day week, long hours and weekend gigs, because our time is becoming more valauble than money. The stance that we are in our prime so should be working as much as possible for financial gains, is archaic and will only lead to burnout. Shifting towards a varied week, and space to recuperate, can sometimes feel out of reach because of our expenses but maybe its time to see where we could cut back?

I’ve heard a lot from the dental community about how stressed they are at work in the NHS – it may be the uda pressures, time, workplace bullying, the type of work, lack of reward, litigation. I would love for the dental community to claim back their health and prioritise their well being. There are a lot of new and exciting intiatives being rolled out in the next year, aimed at providing support for us.

I spoke to my MP a few weeks ago, with regards to stress that the dental team face. I’m working towards an intiative at work being introduced where members of the team can be appropriately triaged and given mental health support. Looking forward to seeing big changes.

As always, love hearing from you with regards to your experience. Email me to be featured and connect ✌🏾 And for anyone going through a hard time, be kind to yourself.

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