Changing our reality through thoughts

This image is taken from Dr Fern White’s insightful talk during the DID convention.

If I changed, then my life would change. Think about it. Its pretty mind blowing acknowledging that our thoughts literally change our reality 🌠

Cognitive behavioural therapy centres on changing our self limiting thoughts into positive behaviours and carving out our best furures.

After a few tough weeks of stress and anxiety, I tried an experiment today. A day of reframing EVERY negative thought or event with a grateful, positive spin in order to foster joy. And I can admit that its super difficult!! Our brains are wired to run with one negative thought after the other. But the cool thing is that the neurochemistry of our brain literally changes when we make gratitude a priority.

I had to laugh out loud en route to work when a massive stone from a lorry smacked my windscreen for the second time this month πŸ˜… After the obligatory cursing, I reframed it to well at least it didn’t hit my face! It honestly felt like that stone was heading directly for me.

My nurse started our work day in a super stressed state. I was amazed how possible it was to shift the energy by reminding each other to breathe and of the silver linings.

I managed to reframe the loss of my phone battery and thus my directions from Greenwich back to home, to a fun car adventure! And for those who don’t know, my sense of direction is shocking!

Creating a new habit takes about a month. Bringing out the big guns with restarting my gratitude journal also. Who is with me?

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