Are you juggling stress, mental health or addiction problems?

I am really looking forward to some new, much needed services coming out next year to support our profession mentally. Until then, below are two very useful dental charity contacts for dentists juggling stress, mental health, drug or alcohol problems.

1. Dentist Health Support Programme provides free support with regards to the above. Contact via the website or directly on 0207 224 4671. National coordinators are Rory O’Connor and Kevin Collins. The programme provides a number of activities including: responding to enquiries, which may lead to intervention, assessments and treatment pathways followed by ongoing monitoring and support. This support is extended to families and colleagues of the dental professional in difficulty.

2. Nhs Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) provides free and confidential NHS service for doctors and dentists with issues relating to a mental or physical health concern or addiction problem, in particular where these might affect their work. This service is led by Dr Clare Gerada. You can get upto 4 therapy sessions. You can self refer in London via the website Alternatively you can access the service through your Gp outside London.

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