The power of therapy

We are a profession that care deeply about patients but are lacking in caring for ourselves.

We are a profession that love to invest in the latest in dentistry but what could be better than investing in our self growth?

We are a profession that are struggling with burn out and try as we might, alcohol or drugs don’t provide the cure.

We are a profession that juggles high expectations from patients daily but more negatively our own inner critical voices.

We are a profession that feel shame and hide our depression, anxiety and stress but what could be more courageous than sharing our vulnerabilities with others?

Therapy to me is centred on self growth and wellness. It has enormously benefited me. You certainly don’t need to wait till crisis point to access it. It can be tough at times to delve deep into ourselves but ultimately so liberating to understand our triggers, identify our coping mechanisms and strengthen our positive thoughts.

I get asked about recommendations all the time. I’d like to share today an awesome psychotherapist contact, Samantha Morris, based in London. She has worked with dentists with regards to burn out, identity, low confidence, addiction and managing high expectations. Please reach out and start your journey to wellness.

Self growth is the ultimate self love 🙏🏾

Email :


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