The tree of life

I started a new morning self care/self growth ritual forgoing music for wisdom. This Friday I watched a really inspiring interview between Jay Shetty and the monk Radhanath Swami.

He spoke about his visit to the 400+ year old ‘tree of life’; a beautiful, bountiful tree growing somewhat miraculously in the Arabian desert. Scientists are baffled as to how it flourishes, despite the nearest water source being 2km away!

That very morning I recieved a lovely painting by one of my patient’s. I went straight to the story by the monk. It was of a tree, in a desert, with ostriches celebrating its wonder.

The story got me thinking about learning to strive in the most difficult of situations. And in how seemingly hopeless scenarios, there is hope.

When we are going through hardships, whether patient, health or relationship related, it is very easy and understandable to lose faith. To lose hope. But I want to remind you to have compassion for yourself and give yourself time to grow beyond the limitations you see now 🌳

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