Burnout 🔥🔥🔥♨️

Any of this sound familiar?

✔You feel so DRAINED after a work day and wonder is it normal to feel this exhausted? You ask people what “normal” feels like to them. You wonder if you’re alone and the weird one because no one else is sharing their story.

✔You wonder how others are managing being active in their downtime.

✔You lose interest in things you used to be passionate about.

✔A good nights sleep becomes a bit of a mystery. Your body clock has gone into full rebellion mode. You reach for another sleeping tablet.

✔You catch yourself clenching and nocturnal grinding 😅

✔Your’e anxious about the smaller things aswell as the big, even though you’re not a naturally anxious person 🤔

✔You’re increasingly irritable, with poor concentration, and your work begins to suffer

✔You’re partial to disconnecting and social withdrawal at times like this.

✔You normally graze all day, now you have to REMIND yourself to eat.

✔Recurring headaches, back, neck and body pains that you assume are all just part of poor posture or the joys of ageing.

Stress is a major factor leading to burnout in dentistry. This can manifest in countless big and small ways, that sometimes takes a minute for you to pick up on because often we are too busy looking after others to be focusing on our own self care.

In the new year, I want to share more regarding managing stress and burnout so we can empower ourselves and reclaim our days. Until then, please reach out with your experiences or contact me if you’d like a listening ear.

Sending you all lots of love, calmness and positivity xXx

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