Managing patient complaints using self love

💕Relationship status: Committed to kindness, growth, gratitude and self love 💕

I love this beautiful illustration by the awesome Frederic Forest. Really captures self love in a simple yet powerful way.

Who else took a minute to fully appreciate that your relationship with yourself is the one that matters the most and only thing you can control. Its one we often neglect the most and invest in the least.

Just an example of this is when we come head to head with patient complaints. Its understandable to feel defensive, annoyed, defeated, upset, disheartened, angry and even ashamed BUT if we could take a moment to BREATHE and practise KINDNESS to ourselves, we could appreciate that we can’t please all of our patients, accept that complaints are part of the game, can lead to GROWTH even when we aren’t in the wrong and that we need to learn to let them go 💕

Happy Weekend! May you have an awesome week ahead even when shit hits the fan 😅

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