Fear & finding the magic

This book, this excerpt 🙌🏾 Thank you to Meera Lee Patel for creating this prose meets poetry meets art, elegantly woven book ‘My Friend Fear’ on what it means to come face to face with fear and finding the magic 🎆

Our profession has increasingly become one wrought with fear of litagation, anxiety and a practise of defensive rather then holistic. The fear of not being “good enough” further amplified by social media and a constant feedback of horror stories. An emphasis on egos and competitions rather then compassion & kindness.

The beauty of the book is the reframing of the fear into something magical – “Being brave, being courageous is not living a life without great fear – it’s seeing fear clearly and living a greater life with it beside me”.

My fears started in dental school. It was the feelings of imposter syndrome that solidified further by difficult early work experiences. They kept me small. Kept my on the treadmill. Until one day I started questioning that narrative I had created. This wasn’t the life I envisioned. This wasn’t the dentistry I connected with. From then on, I started a new relationship with fear – one that would lead me to exciting courses, conferences and more importantly passionate people. It helped me shape a BIGGER vision and the seeds of this women’s group were sown

This year, I walk hand in hand with fear as I welcome a new kind of dental conference. One that marries dental with mental wellness. My fear is helping me uncover my greatest wish – a mentally supported profession, and one where emotional resilience is discussed with transparency as much providing an epic composite restoration 🙏🏾

#empoweringwomenindentistry #fear #mentalwellness #meeraleepatel #myfriendfear #overcomingbarriers #magic

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