Dr Zainab Al Mukhtar at Big Vision conference

I am very excited to invite Dr Zainab Al- Mukhtar to the stage after having the pleasure to partner with her at university during a year of prosthodontics. She has always remained to me, a very honest, driven and humble woman, looking to lift others up.

A little background;

Dr Zainab Al-Mukhtar has been a dentist for 9 years and has worked in both NHS and private practice, and was last year shortlisted as finalist for the “Best Young Dentist 2018” award. She is also an advanced facial aesthetics practitioner, demonstrator and trainer and now practice owner in North West London. Having trained rigorously in these fields over the years she has developed a special interest in safe practice, smile design and minimally invasive dentistry, and how this ties in with facial aesthetics, striving to bring about a strong sense of self-confidence in all her patients. Dr Zainab is also a mother to her 3 year old daughter and a keen advocate for personal development.

I’ll be posting more information on speakers in the next few weeks. Stay tuned 🙏🏾

Conference date: Saturday 19th October 2019 at Victorian Loft, Lumiere (nearest stations, London Waterloo, Southwark)

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