Sucess & dentistry

Why do you want to study dentistry?

Do you remember this pesky question at your dental interview? If you were anything like me, you would have trotted out a well rehearsed answer. Mine went along the lines of the usual – a desire to help others but also utilise a holistic approach.

It sounded profound as my 17 year old self said it out aloud. I also meant it. I had really gotten the thought of dentistry into my head on a fluke. My friend had heard that dentistry was the ticket to financial freedom. Having already explored writer, chemist and medic, I thought to try work experience at a local practice in Rochester with a local dentist and teacher Dr Shivji. It is hard to avoid cheesy here, so I won’t bother – the experience was a joy watching him spend his day with what looked like catching up with old friends and doing a few minutes of “work”! It really was a masterclass in emotional intelligience.

I have taken this model with me throughout my journey and try my uttmost to live by it. Albeit not always possible, on the whole, it is a genuine pleasure to have the opportunity to meet so many different people, revel in their happiness and give support at times of need. To foster real connections is worth celebrating, in a world often devoid of meaningful interactions.

For me success really isn’t based on finances or status. And dentistry isn’t only about teeth. For me, success is helping someone else feel better about themselves 🙏🏾 So for the new cohort going into dentistry, do not get suckered into the world of egos and competition, and have the courage to use your kindness and compassion to serve with purpose.

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