What does sisterhood mean in the world of work? Why do we value it? How do we foster it? How do we lift each other up?

All questions that I’ve been pondering lately.

In dentistry we are surrounded by egos and competitiveness. Cliques and the ‘A team’.

And the alternative? Sharing advice with the motto that if I lift you up, you lift me up. Serving one other instead of looking for how it benefits you. A whole hearted support of our fellow peers by supporting their ventures big or small.

Sisterhood to me embraces all the elements we need to succeed. Showing love, humility, sharing knowledge and passion is the most magical gift we can share with our peers. And the more we foster it at work or at courses, study groups or conventions, the more we move away from toxic competitiveness.

I am beyond excited and humbled to have the opportunity to invite these beautiful, inspiring women onto the stage. Its going to be epic. Different. A whole lotta of big magic. Do hope you can join us.

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