Grab a green workout

My relationship with Nature started when I experienced burnout 3 years ago. It was for me a TRANSFORMATIVE super power to cmbine nature with exercise, that is it shifted me from detachment to connection. I noticed visible positive impact on my mental wellness. After a hike, I was much more able to withstand daily stressors and become less reactive.

The benefits of a green workout are so widely publicised now that Gps prescribe it as part of your mental toolkit. Studies show the improvement in mood and reduction in anxiety and depression. Simply being around green has been shown to decrease stress! Along with the boost of Vitamin D, a green workout is a simple hack to enhancing your psychological wellbeing.For those of you looking at novel ways of grabbing a green workout, one I recommend is a hike with your furry friend 🐾 The pictures are from a husky hike in the beautiful Kent countryside. Meet Chester, a husky pup with an instiable appetite for exploring 😏

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