The Little Hedgehogs

Two young hedgehogs lived in a cosy cottage by the sea with their parents. Each day they would run and chase each other excitedly, playing with flowers, jumping on crunchy leaves and making each laugh with glee.

They were equally as strong physically, but there was a crucial difference.

One hedgehog was optimistic, carefree and always lived in hope, while the other was pessimistic and dwelled in despair.One summer’s day, they decided to venture much further out to a beautiful waterfall. The water cascaded against the pretty rocks and glistened in the sunshine leaving a golden dew. The flowers here glowed like jewels. The water a wondrous blue and white froth.

“You could even catch a glimpse of your face if you come close enough”, exclaimed the optimistic hedgehog. And so, their first time teetering on the edge of the waterfall, led them to accidentally slip and fall into the water.
They tried to regain balance but the tide was strong and with being new swimmers, they got whisked further downstream.

After some struggle, the pessimistic hedgehog cried, “It is impossible to jump out. Even though I have strength, I am so tired. I can’t swim that long”. Thinking this, the hedgehog did become exhausted soon. She could not swim any longer.

She was almost about to give up when she was reminded of the voice of her optimistic sister always encouraging her to keep fighting. What would my sister say? The voice came even louder this time – “It seems difficult to jump out but maybe some miracle will happen. If I try a little longer, something good will happen. It is a question of only a few minutes more and then I will be out of here.”

This time the pessimistic hedgehog kept on swimming and hoping. She managed to catch a branch and pull her way onto land. She ran all the way to the bottom of the stream with a branch and helped her optimistic sister climb out.

Positive thinking and reframing had saved the life of these hedgehogs.

This parable was written in convey the significance of how our thoughts influence our reality. This tranformative magic trick really has the power to propel you to heights you didn’t even know you were capable of.

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