Nutrition at Big Vision Conference

Physical health as well as mental, plays a big part in our wellbeing. I’m very excited to announce Dr Vian Shathur will be speaking on this important theme at our Big Vision conference on 30th November 2019.

Vian graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in BioMedicine (Anatomy), Batchelor of Dental surgery and a Diploma in Sports and clinical nutrition. She published her book on the basics of nutrition and healthy recipe creation during her last year of University.

Currently she works at a dental practice in Notting Hill, is a Facial aesthetics Doctor on weekends and a part-time fitness and food blogger.

Vian loves going to the gym daily, creating healthy recipes and blogging about nutrition all on her website:

She started her own series known as #DentalTipsTuesday educating others about oral health on her Instagram page @VeesFitnessFood. Vian also volunteers at a homeless shelter.

As a Dentist and fitness enthusiast, her goal is to show people that living a healthy lifestyle need not be restrictive or difficult to do.

For tickets for conference, please follow the Get tickets, check out Eventbrite listing

All proceeds go to Mind 🥳

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