Dental Wellness Survey

An infographic on the key stats from my latest Dental Well-being Survey

As expected, the stress levels in our profession are high and a big proportion of us suffer from burnout without seeking support or having adequate coping mechanisms to help themselves. Chronic stress can lead to a dramatic crash, taking time off or leaving dentistry entirely.

Dentistry obviously has its stress points but it need not mean we need to accept stress comes with the territory! Emotional resilience can be strengthened through training, just as we train our muscles at the gym.

Key themes

I have collected data from 245 respondents, conducted 3 detailed focused interviews so far now and the themes below crop up again and again.

🤯 Time is a big challenge

🤯 Unforgiving perfectionism – coping with the high pressures opposed by ourself/GDC/CQC and feeling like we are falling short

🤯 Type A personality – belief that we can keep going and being productive despite reaching exhaustion

🤯 Not priortising self care and mental wellbeing

🤯 Physical manifestations of stress being the final straw to getting help or taking note of mental wellbeing

🤯 Negative inner critic where negative thoughts can run in an ongoing cycle, triggered by stress points in our day

🤯 Excessive thinking – unable to stop rumination away from work

🤯 Fear of failure and litigation

🤯 An overall feeling of impending doom, feeling caught out or not being good enough – essentially Imposter Syndrome

Next steps

Focus interviews will be continuing throughout June and July. I will be recruiting dental professionals for an intervention study to start from August. This will be complimentary 4-6 workshops in a London location, based on basic neuroscience and psychology principles, created by a team of dentists, medics, therapists and psychologists. The concept of the intervention is to help empower the individual to create tools to enhance mental well-being. The results will be compared to a control group and help to create one solution to help minimise stress and prevent burnout.

I am very passionate in learning more about your challenges and help create solutions to really support you. Sending lots of love and light as always.

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