Make exercise work for you

What are your fitness goals for this year?

As dental professionals we put our backs in all sorts of compromising positions. Physical wellbeing is clearly relevant to us but so many struggle with finding the time (me included! 🙈)

My solution for this is to make exercise work for you. If you’re anything like me, a contract with the gym never works out longterm. So why not incorporate exercises into your daily routine that are possible at home? I am currently using The Yoga Collective – an online yogi community with tonnes of great classes. Its currently on Groupon for a fiver for 3 months, which is a steal! Altentatively, YouTube has some awesome workouts and Down Dog is a great free yoga app.

I always start a habit small so I am sure to achieve the goal and stay motivated. And its these small steps forward that create positive habits. So the next time you find yourself giving in to your excuse that you just don’t have the time or finances, try making exercise work for you 🙏🏾

Illustration by @AshStaTeresa

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