Preventing back pain

I’m shining a spotlight on an inspiring, generous and humble woman I went to university with but only recently had the pleasure to get to know whilst working in Greenwich – Chanpreet Kalsi 🙌🏾

I am very excited to have her speaking at this year’s Big Vision conference on the importance of pyshcial wellbeing in Dentistry, specifically preventing back pain.

Chanpreet is the co principal of Hermes London Dental Clinic in Westminster. One year ago her career almost came to an end because of a back injury caused by a decade repetitive strain from long clinical working hours. Osteopathy and medication only helped short term. It was only when she turned to her PT and learnt how to strength train outside of work that the back issues went away forever. She set up @strength4successcpd and now her and her PT go to dental practices together to help dentists prevent career ending back injury!

To hear her speak, and the many other amazing speakers, follow the link. All proceeds go to Mind 🥳

30th November 2019 at Lumiere, London.

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