Well-being at work

How do we enhance emotional resilience?

The good news is that much of the stress we experience at work can be controlled. Emotional resilience is a skill that can be strengthened. The way I explore the topic of wellness and enhancing it is through a combination of psychology and neuroscience.

Chronic stress and anxiety is caused by an ongoing cycle of unhelpful thoughts and ingrained beliefs. These thoughts and beliefs in turn cause physical emotions which lead to unhelpful behaviours.

The brain has a very cool feature, that is its ability to rewire and change unhelpful behaviours and habits by creating new neural pathways (neuroplasticity). A well established technique Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helps to change the wiring of your brain. When you challenge your negative thinking, you create new brain connections. The more you practice your new way of thinking, the more you strengthen those neural pathways.

The key takeaway from CBT is that our emotions and behaviours are not directly linked to life events. We have some control over how we react and respond.

I am currently creating a CBT and mindfulness based intervention called Mind Ninja, alongside doctors and with the guidance of health psychologist Prof Newton. It aims to improve the working life of our profession through helping dental professionals help themselves in changing these unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and habits 🥳

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