Breakthroughs & reframes

Late last night got me reflecting on my amazing sisterhood journey and my big vision for the upcoming months. It’s come to my attention that although you may be following EWD, you may not know who I am. A big champion of raising the visibility of other women, funnily enough I struggle with championing my own achievements. Here goes leaning into vulnerability 💪🏾

My name is Mahrukh (like Shahrukh with a M) Hina Idris Khwaja. I’m a general dentist, working in a mixed practice for the last 9 years. Currently completing a Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry. Interestingly, my passions are Psychology and Neuroscience. As a child, I was fascinated by the behaviours, thoughts of others and why we react the way we do. This interest led me to completing a BSc in Psychology.

My life experiences included several bumps including bullying, divorce, depression & burnout. These bumps became my BREAKTHROUGHS and I rediscovered art, Nature and explored therapy and mindfulness. The last 2 I believe are magic powers in optimising the brain. I delved deep into the world of personal development. So much to say, you can call me Well-being Mahrukh 🙋🏽‍♀️

If I’m not reading about wellbeing, you may find me working on a creative project or writing. I always have an idea for an article. Sometimes I’ll write in between patients! Love connecting with others. Up until I was 10, I was convinced I’d be a poet or novelist extraordinaire. Its awesome to get back to this.

My goals for the future are to help improve the working lives of dental professionals. Whether its through reforms with CQC & GDC or at an individual level, I am determined to make a difference. This year I set to launch Mind Ninja – a mind optimisation intervention to help minimise stress and build emotional resilience 💪🏾 Essentially mind strengthening, just like we train muscles in our body. Helping you do bicep curls for your brain 🧠

Since starting EWD and writing on mental wellbeing, including the scary parts such as suicide, I get messages of support, guidance, desperation and a desire for connection. Theres a HUGE need to recognise that MENTAL WELLBEING MATTERS, our future health depends upon it 🙏🏾

The charity conference this year on the 30th November is an invitation into my mind 🙈 All the topics, beneath the surface discussions and exercises are all the elements I believe to be missing from our current education. I can’t wait to celebrate with you! A big thank you to all the inspiring women who have volunteered their time for the cause 🙌🏾

Behind the scenes this year, I’ve had so many tough moments and what looked like setbacks or failures. I’ve come across people who believe I can’t succeed. That I simply don’t have the connections or authority to make a difference. My message to you if you’re at the brink of putting your voice out there and stepping out, do it 100% For all the naysayers, there are plenty who will align to your cause. In fact you will find your tribe. Sending lots of love and light as always Xxx

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