Accessing the power of positive affirmations

Positivity has a bad rep. And pair that with ‘positive affirmations’, you have a recipe for eyes rolling. You would be let off for thinking affirmations are airy fairy chants about becoming zen as a lotus flower, but actually positive affirmations, that is short positive statements, have much grounding in positive psychology.

Why use affirmations?

Beck, the father of the thinking model, discovered that our thoughts are based on a traid of these elements – ourselves, the world and future. Affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind – our thoughts on ourselves, the world and the future. Using simple positive statements, we can change our thoughts and create helpful change.

Affirmations may serve as reminders to focus our attention on certain key messages. They may serve as inspiration. They also can help in setting goals.

If you’re not convinced, consider GP Dr Chatterjee who is now prescribing affirmations in his daily practice and his recent book, ‘The Stress Solution’.

How to access the power of affirmations?

The late Louise L Hay was the powerhouse of American positive psychology and affirmations. She has written several books and her affirmation cards are particularly useful. Find them on Amazon. Many of her books are on Audible which makes for handy listening.

I am currently very impressed with another American quirky company, ‘Affirmators!’. The affirmation on the card is the first line – and the witty explanation follows.

Simply carry a card with you throughout the day. Reread it regualrly and believe every word of it. Even if its not quite how you’re feeling, the act of faith in the statement is key.

How to write your own affirmations

Some tips to get you started:

1. Keep statements simple and positive

2. Write statements in the 1st person narrative

3. Capture affirmations with feeling using emotive language. We connect to statements more when they are embued with emotion.

4. Take time to reflect on your inner chatter and use these themes as your starting ground eg if you’re struggling with feelings of imposter syndrome, write an affirmation that is uplifting and empowering, a reminder of your absolute worth and right to be in the positon you are.

I like to write my affirmations on a note on my phone so I can reread these regularly. Alternatively try writing them on pretty cards to carry around with you.

There’s an app for this

As always, for all of you app savvy peeps, there are a tonne of great apps (eg ThinkUp positive affirmations) that let you write and review your affirmations. If your stuck on ideas on how to improve your affirmations, apps can be a good place to explore. They often guide you to write adding emotion and power to your statements.


If life is all bit a series of experiments, why not give positive affirmations a real go for a month? With so much to gain, positive affirmations could really help you access your inner wisdom.

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