Motivation, mindset, inspiration and passion day

The well-being of dental professionals is synonymous to having a healthy, thriving, passionate and productive career and life.

Since starting my well-being research and focused interviews in April this year, it is clear that the stress epidemic is real and impacting us in countless ways – whether it is us losing our spark for dentistry, or becoming burnout to feeling demotivated. This is why a day DEDICATED to enhancing your motivation, mindset, inspiring you & bringing back the passion is so TIMELY & simply NECESSARY. Thank you to Dhru @dentinaltubules for having the VISION, EMPATHY and PASSION to create such a beautiful lineup focusing on helping us thrive.

It is an immense honour to be inlcuded in the lineup. I don’t have a traditional slot but will instead be injecting useful mind optimation hacks throughout the day to help you live your best life 🙏🏾

Tickets are available now via Eventbrite. Please come and support this very special day.

#mindninja #mindtraining #emotionalresilience #mindoptimisation #dentinaltubules

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