A letter to fear

Dear Fear,

Despite being old acquaintances we are yet to write to each other. I thought it best to awknowledge your presence. Especially now that, as I make increasingly (courageous) small steps, you present yourself in earnest once again.

It always alarms me how present you are all around the world, felt by so many but spoken by so few. You are the shadow that no one dare to speak in an insta glossy world. You are the voice that reminds me that I dare not get out of my small box. Tells me its no good trying. Its too hard to create change. The voice that mocks me, are you good enough for such a BIG dream?

The more I resist you, the more you manifest in other ways – sometimes physically I feel you as anxiety in the pit of my stomach. With time, I’ve learnt that it does me no good to silience you. For you are a part of me.

So I sit here and acknowledge you. I recognise your service. For you are only trying to protect me in the way you know how. I remind you that you don’t need to worry so much. That my friend (your foe) Courage is here.

She’s a passionate, compassionate big dreamer. She has incredible faith in me. She knows I deserve my blessings and makes sure I keep aligning to my greater purpose. Courage reminds me not to feel like an imposter. She reminds me every day, sometimes in a whisper and other times a push, that I got this.

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