A love affair with creativity

Have you ever experienced a love so intoxicating that you want to spend every moment basking in its charming warm glow? As women, we can often get lost in the service of others, and lost in the love for someone else. But how about investing that energy in ourselves? Our dreams, our passions, our sparkle, our BIG vision?

I have been reflecting recently on my mood recently. I am energised, excited, obsessed, content, dreamy and full of passion for my start up. At other times plagued with fears of being good enough and able to pull this off. It’s as though I am having a love affair with it.

And why not? Spending as many precious moments lost in what positive psychologists call the “flow state” increases our well-being. This love could really do us good 💪🏾🧠

For me, its date nights by myself getting lost in reading and writing. I carve out time for it daily. Lunchtime is a good time for me to leave the dental surgery behind and focus on creating. Sometimes its art, other times its through using words. Its made a massive impact on my everyday as I get to love my work day, as opposed to being annoyed at it taking time away from me.

What can you do that can bring the passion into your life every day?

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