Ewd at Olympia London

What an amazing first day exhibiting at the London Dentistry Show! It was really lovely connecting with women and men, talking about gender parity, women and children, women in leadership and enhancing well-being of dental practices. Thank you so much for FMC to including EWD and supporting our charity non profit Big Vision conference 🌱

A special thank you to the men who have helped me create a bigger vision through setting up EWD and the conference; Payman Langroudi and Joe Lovitt. I actually started with quite a narrow concept of just interviewing women in dentistry to open up comunication around gender parity etc. It wasnt until I spoke to Payman, and was encouraged to create my own blog, did I dream bigger 🙏🏾 Thank you to Prav Solanki also for your massive support and guidance with Mind Ninja. Joe has been the person behind the scenes finding sponsors and helping the conference actually come togther in a real way. I feel very blessed to have the support from these men and excited how the future of EWD.

For anyone on the fence on their idea for a start up, a group, a podcast or blog, please please throw caution to the wind. Its tough but absolutely worth it!! I founded EWD April 2018. Since then, I’m so so happy to see EWD and wellbeing flourish. You may feel you don’t have the expertise or courage, but please go ahead, feel the fear and do it anyway. The world on the other side of fear is beautiful and expansive

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