Searching within

My divorce felt as collosal as tectonic plates shifting at the time, but fortunately it was actually my awakening. If you’re part of the club, you’ll appreciate first hand just how much that trauma can do to your soul but also just how transformative the other side of acceptance is.

The past year has really awakened in me the desire to do more then being on the hamster wheel of life. Since moving through difficult life experiences and now thriving rather then in recovery, I have this incredible drive to help others create peaceful, joyful lives. When you have Joy and Calm taken from you, you can feel violated. I spent a year trying to search for innner peace again, only to find it WITHIN MYSELF and thereby my love for well-being was sealed.

I long for changes in our profession that honour dental profesionals’ health. In an increasingly stressful dental environment, I can’t be quiet about the realness of chronic stress, the suddennes of burnout, anxiety & the bleakness of depression so many of our colleagues siliently endure. Emotional inelligience and resilience can not be sidelined any longer. Well-being deserves open discussion. It deserves your attention, even if you think you’re immune (no one is).

Let’s make a pact, even if its amongst ourselves to step up more and be mindful of our own health and the health of our colleagues. The success of our workforce depends upon it.

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