Mindfulness; an antidote to busy mind

This is rush hour on a weekday in Waterloo, London. The pace of life is uber quick. Busy people with massive demands on their time. Even those who don’t particularly need to rush, quicken their step to keep in line with the speed of the city that doesn’t rest.

A busy mind can look a lot like rush hour. One thought after the next in continuous loops leads to brain fog – that is brain fatigue.

One way to conteract this business is to S L O W
D O W N. In an increasinly busy & connected world this can feel counterproductive. We are a world all about hustling daily. Living our best lives. One goal after the next. But all of this “excellence” is EXHAUSTING.

What the research shows on doing nothing is very interesting. Giving your Executive Attention Network in your brain a break by avoiding that loop of one thought after the next in auto pilot mode, frees up your Imagination Network to work on solving problems and coming up with new ideas. So it is true that taking a break, slowing down or practising mindfulness or any meditation for that matter will help your brain rest, recuperate and innovate new ideas. An antidote to the busy life.

Try taking out just 2 minutes to begin with. Close your eyes. Plant your feet on the ground in a seated position with back straight. And now take a deep inhale followed by an exhale. Anchor to the breath. Breathing in and out. Feel the breath fill up the lungs. The warmth of the breath as it touches your upper life. When a thought pops into the head, and it will and this is to be expected, gently nudge it back to the breath. Focus all your attention on the breath.

2 mins is all it takes to begin your journey. Give it a go.

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