Big Vision

On my table sits a reminder. A gentle nudge. An affirmation. Some magic to stir me up.

It says; “The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as BIG or as small as you want. ”

It was written by the esteemed American novelist F Scott Fitzgerald during 1924. You may know his work from the popular movie The Great Gatsby. I remember reading this masterpiece at school for my GCSE English coursework. I didn’t really get its value until much much later on. .
If the world only exists in my eyes, my thoughts are then golden.

What I say becomes my reality.

I can make my world as BIG and expansive or as small and scary as I want.

I have the power to be empowered and create my own masterpiece. I don’t need to fit into a category. I don’t need to be a certain type of leader. I can be me.

This year I decided to say YES. Yes to all my BIG plans. To all the BIG ambition. To pushing beyond my comfort zones and then some.

This conference was born out of wanting a community where sisterhood and compassion were the currency of choice πŸ’• To see it now almost alive and kicking, on what has been an uber emotional journey, is a great feeling.

Early on I had negativity from both men and women, including another woman group in Dentistry. I was told that I wouldn’t amount to anything. That I couldn’t create change as I wanted connected enough. I’m glad I had these comments early on, as its defo made me toughen up. I’m happy to say that EWD is exactly what I intended and dreamt it would be – a kind, generous community of like minded dental professionals.

There’s room for all of us. Room for all of our strong, our courage, our teaching, our passion and our ambition. The women I’ve met in this journey are magic. They will light you up also at the conference.

So I guess all thats left to say is come. Come support sisterhood. Come to hear how you can go beyond that hamster wheel of UDAs. Come to connect with an amazing bunch. Come to meditate. Come to listen to poetry. Come to go beneath the surface. Come to be inspired. Come to create your BIG VISION πŸ’«

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