Letter from self compassion

So during my afternoon of mindfulness teaching at Google’s Search In Yourself in Berlin, we were guided to an exercise to write a letter with the perspective of a loved one on our accomplishments and challenges. Compassion wrote to me and this is what it said..

Dear Mahrukh,

I am writing to share my joy in seeing you everyday delve deep into personal development and help others do the same. I am so happy to see these positive, upwards growth moments as you take steps out of your comfort zone. I urge you to concentrate on these joyful moments and celebrate each victoryas you have a long way and keep pushing your boundaries with courage, authencity and resilience you didn’t even know you possessed.

You have many challanges before you. Perhaps the biggest one is helping to shift current working culture and creating meaningful impact when well-being, emotional resilience and emotional intelligience is often minimised or devalued. Some may see you as just a dentust hung up in stress but have faith that you will shake things things up and disrupt current thinking in a positive way.

You are clear on your goals to create peace and joy in Dentistry. Keep celebrating every win, every small step, keep inspiring yourself by reflecting on your progress, keep showing up with kindness. Do not get stuck on waiting on approval from your peers. You wish you had more active supoort from friends but know that you can and will support and love yourself ample. You are enough.

There is a loving kindness practise I love to integrate daily. Repeat this acceptance practice every time you find unforgiving perfectionism sutting on your shoulder; 2 breaths – “Breathing in, I do my best, breathing out I let go of the rest”.

Keep dreaming big and leading with your vulnerabilities and honesty. You can break your boundaries and liniting beliefs. You can reach any height you set your heart in.

Sending light, live and heartfulness always,

Self compassion

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