Strengthen Emotional Resilience

I wanted to share information on my new course combining Positive Psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness 🧠💪 A year in the making and I’m excited to see this course come to fruition. A massive thank you to Dr Pippa for her beautiful illustration and capturing the essence of mindful practice.

Does stress ever get the better of you? Have you lost your motivation and joy? Do you dip into unhealthy habits to cope? Do you want to harness your emotions? Are you ready to open your mind? Are you looking to create healthy habits?

If any of these questions resonate, join me at Stillpoint Spaces in Farringdon on our flagship well-being course: Strengthen Emotional Resilience. You’ll learn vital tools to enhance emotional resilience, emotional intelligence, focus and govern stress.

This 5 consecutive week course starts on Thursday evenings 7-830pm from 5th March to 2nd April 2020.

You’ll explore Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, CBT for anxiety and goal setting, Neuroscience and Positive Psychology.

The 5 sessions include;
🌟 Psychology of well-being
🌟 Neuroscience of well-being
🌟 Understanding thoughts and behaviours

🌟 Using CBT to reframe thoughts
🌟 Mindfulness and mindful living
🌟 Role of exercise in well-being
🌟 Enhancing compassion and connection
🌟 How to cope after a fall
🌟 Psychology of habits and motivation
🌟 Growth mindset
🌟 Future proofing yourself

The course uses well-being raters to help you track your progress. This is based on 3 established psychological scales. Strengthen Emotional Resilience was created with the guidance of expert Health Psychologist, Prof Tim Newton; UK’s leading psychologist for dentists.

The 5 week course is currently priced at an introductory offer of £270. We have limited spaces, and I’m looking for a group of 6. The sessions will be interactive, lots of group mindfulness, discussions on well-being and applied positive psychology.

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