A mindful reset: why we need a retreat for Dental Profs

I have a confession. I am a mindfulness junkie. After a divorce, experiencing depression and burnout, I fell into mindfulness by chance. My life challenges had landed about the same time as the wave of mindfulness was beginning.

Mindfulness felt like the ultimate mind massage. A feeling of joyful relaxation. As though I had come out of the deepest and most restful of snoozes. Its bliss. Thats why when I first started mindfulness, I was hooked. I started mindfulness during a difficult period of my life and feeling exhausted by a constant mental chatter. It was a way of pausing. Connecting with the mind and body. A stop from replaying the past. Now its an energising life force. I use it regularly to invite more stillness, calm, energy, focus, clarity, joy and better health.

My first mindfulness retreat was last year. The thought of spending days on meditation was pure bliss to me.

It was a gift of slowing down that appealed. Me time minus the expensive spa treatments. The perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of everyday.

With my mindfulness teacher training, I booked on 3 retreats. Each time we explored different areas of well-being- from breathing and relaxation to gut nutrition, yoga and goal manifestation. And each time, I left with a step in my stride. Optimism of the future. An excitement to continue my entrepreneurial journey. I also felt myself letting go of old, unhelpful mental naps that just didn’t serve me. I noticed personal growth each time. This re-energisation spilled into the weeks post retreat. A beautiful impact of a retreat, is its ability to spark new intentions. I have dedicated a lot of time on ny mind but less so on my body. Retreats remind me of the powerful mind body connection and the significance of prioritising physical exercise.

The world of Dentistry is currently one of isolation, low morale and high levels of burnout. We are constantly attending courses on how to better our dental skills but why not spend time to nourish ourselves? And with this thought in mind, I am currently working alongside Hoda Sepehrara to bring you a retreat of our own for dental professionals. It will be a forest bathing retreat, combining mindfulness, nutrition, life coaching and Positive Psychology.

I am convinced of their utter magic in sparking growth, letting go of old mental maps and limiting beliefs and connecting with others. Its experiential learning. I love it! We look forward to bringing you something new and innovative.

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