5 mins mindfulness

A new video out now on 5 minutes of mindfulness: a guided body scan. This mindfulness practice is a great addition to your morning routine. Give it a go and once you get accustomed to it, slowly increase the time spent to 10 or 15 minutes. Simple yet effective in enhancing the brain’s neural pathways for focus and attention πŸ’ͺ🧠

What is well-being?

Happy new year! I hope you’ve had a great Christmas break. I wanted to share my first video in a series, kicking off with my definition of well-being. For me, real well-being lies in understanding our emotions, thoughts and values πŸ’ͺ🧠

Pushing boundaries

I came across an illustrator recently @aestheticsbynuha who is really pushing the conversation around women and diversity. Muslim women wearing hijabs have often traditionally been represented in the world of media as oppressed and meek.

It wasn’t until I went to university did I get a chance to meet many hijabi women. Even within the same culture,it was interesting to reflect on my own judgements. I was surprised to see how confident and balsy these women were! They seemed to really understand their values and were ready to have their voice out there. Certainly an inner confidence.

I love seeing artists reflect more positive and realistic narratives in mainstream media. We could definitely do with that more in a world often obsessed with differences.

Five feet apart

‘Five Feet Apart’ is the debut movie directed by Justin Baldoni. Its a beautiful exploration of what it means to be living with a chronic illness. It was inspired by real stories and thoughts of those living with cystic fibrosis. Justin’s hope for the movie was to shine light on the views of the dying in understanding how to better live.

I’ve been thinking of mortality more as I get older. I love movies like this for firstly opening the conversation around this difficult but important topic but also for content thats meaningful and hopeful. What would you do differently if you had a chronic illness? Are you taking time and moments for granted?

Emotional resilience course

I am really excited to announce I will running my flagship 5 week emotional resilience course will be running from Thursdays starting 5th March 2020 to 2nd April in Farringdon. This is my full well-being course that helps you enhance emotional resilience, emotional intelligence and wellness. This course was designed under the guidance of Uks leading health psychologists for dentists – Prof Newton. I will show you how to use positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness to enhance focus, motivation, meaning and authenticity.

This beautiful space is our venue for our flagship emotional resilience 5 week course πŸ₯³ Stillpoint spaces is community for the psychologically curious and hence perfect setting for exploring resilience, emotional intelligience, CBT and mindfulness. For tickets, check the link in the bio. Only 10 spaces.

Tickets are now available from Eventbrite, at an introductory price


Letter from self compassion

So during my afternoon of mindfulness teaching at Google’s Search In Yourself in Berlin, we were guided to an exercise to write a letter with the perspective of a loved one on our accomplishments and challenges. Compassion wrote to me and this is what it said..

Dear Mahrukh,

I am writing to share my joy in seeing you everyday delve deep into personal development and help others do the same. I am so happy to see these positive, upwards growth moments as you take steps out of your comfort zone. I urge you to concentrate on these joyful moments and celebrate each victoryas you have a long way and keep pushing your boundaries with courage, authencity and resilience you didn’t even know you possessed.

You have many challanges before you. Perhaps the biggest one is helping to shift current working culture and creating meaningful impact when well-being, emotional resilience and emotional intelligience is often minimised or devalued. Some may see you as just a dentust hung up in stress but have faith that you will shake things things up and disrupt current thinking in a positive way.

You are clear on your goals to create peace and joy in Dentistry. Keep celebrating every win, every small step, keep inspiring yourself by reflecting on your progress, keep showing up with kindness. Do not get stuck on waiting on approval from your peers. You wish you had more active supoort from friends but know that you can and will support and love yourself ample. You are enough.

There is a loving kindness practise I love to integrate daily. Repeat this acceptance practice every time you find unforgiving perfectionism sutting on your shoulder; 2 breaths – “Breathing in, I do my best, breathing out I let go of the rest”.

Keep dreaming big and leading with your vulnerabilities and honesty. You can break your boundaries and liniting beliefs. You can reach any height you set your heart in.

Sending light, live and heartfulness always,

Self compassion


EWD is committed to helping charitable causes. We are excited to announce that the sales for our conference will be distributed to Wells On Wheels @wells.on.wheels aswell as Mind. This charity helps women, sisters and daughters prevent back and chronic neck pain by providing an easier way of transporting water. Please dig deep and help us raise as much as possible for this beautiful charity.#empoweringwomenindentistry #bigvisionconference #womenindentistry #sisterhood #charity #wellsonwheels

Big Vision

On my table sits a reminder. A gentle nudge. An affirmation. Some magic to stir me up.

It says; “The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as BIG or as small as you want. ”

It was written by the esteemed American novelist F Scott Fitzgerald during 1924. You may know his work from the popular movie The Great Gatsby. I remember reading this masterpiece at school for my GCSE English coursework. I didn’t really get its value until much much later on. .
If the world only exists in my eyes, my thoughts are then golden.

What I say becomes my reality.

I can make my world as BIG and expansive or as small and scary as I want.

I have the power to be empowered and create my own masterpiece. I don’t need to fit into a category. I don’t need to be a certain type of leader. I can be me.

This year I decided to say YES. Yes to all my BIG plans. To all the BIG ambition. To pushing beyond my comfort zones and then some.

This conference was born out of wanting a community where sisterhood and compassion were the currency of choice πŸ’• To see it now almost alive and kicking, on what has been an uber emotional journey, is a great feeling.

Early on I had negativity from both men and women, including another woman group in Dentistry. I was told that I wouldn’t amount to anything. That I couldn’t create change as I wanted connected enough. I’m glad I had these comments early on, as its defo made me toughen up. I’m happy to say that EWD is exactly what I intended and dreamt it would be – a kind, generous community of like minded dental professionals.

There’s room for all of us. Room for all of our strong, our courage, our teaching, our passion and our ambition. The women I’ve met in this journey are magic. They will light you up also at the conference.

So I guess all thats left to say is come. Come support sisterhood. Come to hear how you can go beyond that hamster wheel of UDAs. Come to connect with an amazing bunch. Come to meditate. Come to listen to poetry. Come to go beneath the surface. Come to be inspired. Come to create your BIG VISION πŸ’«

Creating a happier world together

This week I had the privilege of hearing Thupten Jinpa, the former translator for Dalai Lama, speak on the connection between happiness and compassion for an Action For Happiness event. Research now backs what has been consciously felt by generations that showing compassion to ourselves and the community enhances our joy and happiness. What my take home messages were:

– Mindfulness helps us tap into the generosity of compassion and helps us show up in the world in a kinder way. The world is missing kindness. We need more of it πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
– There is a lot of distrust around differences and this becomes apparent looking at politics globally. To counteract this with compassion and understanding could really help societies progress
– Compassion can be taught and strengthened just like any training of a muscle πŸ’ͺ🏾🧠

How can you show up for yourself in a kinder, loving and more compassionate way? How would you do that with your family and friends? How could you extend that compassion to your community and the world?

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Mindfulness; an antidote to busy mind

This is rush hour on a weekday in Waterloo, London. The pace of life is uber quick. Busy people with massive demands on their time. Even those who don’t particularly need to rush, quicken their step to keep in line with the speed of the city that doesn’t rest.

A busy mind can look a lot like rush hour. One thought after the next in continuous loops leads to brain fog – that is brain fatigue.

One way to conteract this business is to S L O W
D O W N. In an increasinly busy & connected world this can feel counterproductive. We are a world all about hustling daily. Living our best lives. One goal after the next. But all of this “excellence” is EXHAUSTING.

What the research shows on doing nothing is very interesting. Giving your Executive Attention Network in your brain a break by avoiding that loop of one thought after the next in auto pilot mode, frees up your Imagination Network to work on solving problems and coming up with new ideas. So it is true that taking a break, slowing down or practising mindfulness or any meditation for that matter will help your brain rest, recuperate and innovate new ideas. An antidote to the busy life.

Try taking out just 2 minutes to begin with. Close your eyes. Plant your feet on the ground in a seated position with back straight. And now take a deep inhale followed by an exhale. Anchor to the breath. Breathing in and out. Feel the breath fill up the lungs. The warmth of the breath as it touches your upper life. When a thought pops into the head, and it will and this is to be expected, gently nudge it back to the breath. Focus all your attention on the breath.

2 mins is all it takes to begin your journey. Give it a go.

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