Let me introduce myself



Hello to all whom have ventured onto this blog. Let me introduce myself. My name is Mahrukh Khwaja and I am a dentist practising in Kent. The literal translation of my name is ‘moon face’ as many Iranian people kindly remind me. The poetic meaning, however, is quite pretty; the light of the moon. I spent much of my childhood hating my name. Of course, as with most things, I now fully embrace it.

Aside from dentistry and encouraging female empowerment, I am passionate arts and crafts enthusiast. I love nature and National Trust Walks. I am an avid advocator for theraphy and openness around mental health. My liberating moment happened after I met a women who changed my trajectory. Since then I try and live as honest and true to myself.

I founded this passion project in April 2018, after feeling very frustrated at the lack of female role models and connection amongst women in dentistry. I researched to see if there were other similar groups currently in the UK but sadly couldn’t find one. I was also feeling a sense of injustice by the inequalities present currently at conferences. All the course I had attended bar one, had been led by men and dominated heavily by the opposite sex despite a massive number of rising female graduates. The momentum for me felt like it was with women. But women are not being represented in the way I want them to be. So I felt it was time I founded Empowering Women in Dentistry.

I am keen to change the makeup of dentistry and challenge inequalities. I also aim to discuss mental health and well being amongst women. Holistic living and self care are topics that still need much more exposure. I hope that with actively challenging inequalities and having difficult conversations, there will be change. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Come meet me at the group’s first social on the 30th June 2018.